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Next MeetingEdit

Friday 21st March 2014 @ 1pm in Staff Common Room of DCFA, Gordon Street.


List of MT Conference InviteesEdit

Cynthia Cummings of T&T Occupational Therapy Association.

'Volunteers Needed for 'Organizational Committees:Edit

  1. Executive
  2. Public Relations
  3. Student Volunteers
  4. Floor Co-ordinator

Conference AgendaEdit

MT Conference Morning Agenda (9 am to 12 noon):

·         Introduction to Music Therapy and MT Awareness through the presentation of papers.

·         Inform audience on the collaboration of Music Therapy and Music Education for children with Special Needs.

·         Workshops by different Music Therapists demonstrating how specific MT populations can be treated.

MT Conference Afternoon Agenda (1 pm to 4 pm):

·         Group Discussions on standards of practice and code of ethics for music therapists, constitution and bylaws for the music therapy association of T&T.

·         Key connections the association may need to make with other professional organizations in T&T (psychologists, occupational therapist, speech and language pathologists, etc.).

·         Membership designations of certified/licensed music therapist and others using music in a therapeutic manner/environment, including students in training (looking to the future).

·         Clear definitions of membership designations and privileges (if different).

MT Conference Evening Agenda – Executive/Steering Committee (4 pm to 5 pm):

·         Summary of afternoon discussions and information gathered throughout the day.

·         Make action plan for next steps with music therapy organization/association.

·         Set date for next meeting(s) to continue working on important issues and documentation.


21st March - Budget Completed

28th March - Letters to Businesses for funding of Conference completed

26th May - Advertising Packages Completed

2nd June - Letters to Special Invities are delivered

9th June - Advertising Begins

26th July - Registration Deadline

2nd August - Logistics Completed

16th August - Conference Day esrestdy